Our Journey - to date

Sorcha and I commenced karate in our early childhoods - Sorcha aged 8 and myself aged 4 years.  Over time we have developed certain skills but continue to discover, each and every time we practice, instruct or compete as competitors, the importance of the journey in attempting to reach, within ourselves, our own highest levels of practice, performance as competitors and instructors.


Karate-do philosophy  is a fundamental element in our teaching and in our passion to hand over the legacy of this discipline to children, teens, and adults, giving rise to integrated people who wish to possess a high sense of respect and responsibility.


Our interest is to preserve the fundamental essence in the Karate-do, achieving a balance between the contemporaneous and tradition and sharing information according to our experience of Kihon, Kata, Kumite, Strength, Conditioning, Training Plans, Nutrition and Management Tips, building friendship and co-operation within all practitioners of karate-do.


We live in the Republic of Ireland and continue to maintain reciprocal contacts with our students worldwide.  We consider that we do not have borders to continue learning and teaching. We wish to contribute through training, conveying information and advice, striving to foster a tangible link between all individuals and that unique purpose to remain in the proper direction of Karate-do.


We currently teach in Skerries, Dublin, Ireland, San Diego-Venezuela, and Worldwide through web 2.0.

As in the breath -

Zen In, Zen Out.

Consciousness In, Consciousness Out.


Our Philosophical Overview

In developing a fruitful repertoire of skills, understanding, patience, and a spirit for success of the discipline, requires review, practice and perseverance.


It is like a centuries old tree that has striven and endured its environment; like human beings continuing into the horizon ahead to accomplish fulfilment in their own achievement for their age and maturity.


Human beings are exceptionally and naturally adaptable to behaviours by the functions which increase their possibility for achievement. Our consciousness and awareness choosing to let the right way develop gives certainty to capabilities in specific disciplines; following rules; obedience; discipline; focused attention; flexibility; executive function, developmental neuro diversities; intellectual function; language and communication.


From our experience and viewpoint entrusting support particularly adds stimulus to finding the truth for the Karate-Ka, upholding the nexus of the dendritic branches of mental and physical health.


Elementally, growth is the process of becoming larger and more mature through development; how and when it receives nutrition, and how to cultivate and nurture that process.  Encouragement, equates to growth as nurtured in nature by season, food and water.  Nature ergo is a follow up developmentally of its parentage and guidance. Where we experience and share acts of humanity combined with kind and empathetic leadership this provides us with a guide in providing a luminary momentum strategy of willingness and openness to cultivate a seed and encourage its own ability to flourish.


 - An art science acquired by a sculptor, who carves a shape in wood, creates a remarkable piece.

In reflection of the process of its making, this is beyond intrigue and astonishment in the uncovering truth,

reciprocity (the relationship of exchange) impacts the achievement of progression. 


Karate-Do comprises the atoms, nutrients, methods, skills and capabilities to develop a mind that can ‘let go’, the ‘unfettered mind’ which respects the spirit and soul of ‘being’; to ‘let go of denial’ and ‘never give up’.  Finding ‘ones own’ can happen - all going well - achieving a prosperous future, a long life, to bloom and flourish in nature, 'out there' and ‘beyond’;  on the journey of living resiliently towards achievement of our goals and contentment.


We can say “today has been worth it”, ergo a value of enduring living


Within the mathematical, physical, computer and engineering sciences, and even giving life to the “escher effect" where imagination and creativity grasps to harness the hands and minds in which marvels are contained, Karate-Do methodology runs phenomenally within our whole life; its parallel universal skills  providing for direction as to knowing where we are, providing mechanisms for everyday living, communication (verbal non-verbal),  personal development, reflective empathy and the respective place, in society, we undertake to host, revive, revere, respond and ascend towards.

Sorcha & Francisco