SEDAI is a WSKF Member - World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation.

SEDAI promotes and teaches a Traditional and Contemporaneous Karate-do through classes of one to one, group sessions, online karate and activities.

Our qualified and highly experienced instructors teach children, teenagers, and adults from beginner to advanced.

Clubs founded by Francisco Astudillo in Venezuela in 1991; SEDAI was launched, partnered and run by its Japanese recognised instructors, Francisco Astudillo and Sorcha McCorry, in Skerries Ireland in 2016 and expanded to Spain in 2018.

Sedai are happy to guide your Karate journey in reaching, within you, your highest levels of performance and are proud of their Karate Skerries students and International Members in their amazing achievements.

Club bases are in Skerries, Fingal, Ireland; Ourense-Spain and San Diego-Venezuela. 



“We hope through the practice of and our common interest in martial arts, health fitness and exercise, we will develop physically and mentally, on this journey, so we can achieve and better understand not only of ourselves, but also of others, irrespective of gender, age, physical or mental ability, ethnic background or creed. 

Together we will promote and strengthen relations contributing to human development through the “Budo” spirit with kindness and humility.  Ultimately, we should feel ourselves enabled to make a better holistic contribution to our families, and better balance to the society in which we live.”

Sorcha & Francisco

“The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of character of its participants.”

             Gichin Funakoshi