This program is recommended for All Practitioners

Cardio Fit Karate Work Out is a non-contact, sports exercise and fitness development program.  A class providing dynamic training combines  a range of martial  arts-inspired disciplines (karate, boxing, muay thai) where kicks , strikes, punches  are blended with fitness exercises forming  a progression of movements which can improve your strength & your cardiovascular fitness.

"muscle performance typically terms muscular strength, power and endurance, as in bio-mechanical perspective, strength ability of muscular groups...".


The classes are  high-energy, whole body workout that caters everyone, from beginners to more experienced.   You will push yourself,  combining athletic moves like running, lunging and jumping, with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats.

“encouraging vitality and energy sources within the body targeting all the cells to work hard to exercise and reduce stress"


Cardio Fit Karate – Non Contact

What to expect

A mix of intensity combination exercises.

Each class features mini challenges of uncomplicated but intense moves designed to reach your maximum heart rate and  challenge  your  thresholds.

Exercise Sets

The classes incorporate     Anaerobic and Aerobic exercises aimed to maximise that global workout  diversity. 

Exercises like fast feet, “skaters” jump tuck squats , burpees (jumping squat into push-up) and sprints  are part of the high-impact, explosive movements amongst interval based training will test your speed and agility while burning fat and build lean muscle.

The classes will work your abs, obliques, glutes, legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms and back - great training for toning your core.


These classes are 45 min of sports-inspired cardio



Great exercises capable of building flexibility, speed, strength and stamina.

Improve and build your core.

Feel healthier.

Destroy those calories.

Relieve stress, strengthen your mind, feel empowered.

Feel energised.

Sessions Wednesday Friday
Cardio Karate 8 pm OnLine 7 pm OnLine