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Karate Advanced Skerries
Karate Advanced Skerries

Beginners – Adults  - Teens 


There are many reason why someone chooses to commence Karate either for themselves or a parent on behalf of their child.  Starting something new, might feel a little strange but also exciting. 


At SEDAI, we will support but challenge you, to be your best, at a pace and level you are comfortable. 


Some adult beginners may have the misconception of it being a younger person’s activity. However, Karate is one of few physical activity practices where there is no age or ability requisite for participation.


Kihon is where we learn and practice correct basic technique of body form and breathing, while practicing basics such as stances, punches, kicks, blocks, and thrusts, all requisites in basic representative Kata and Kumite. 


Since teaching methods characteristically comprise practising and building up concise movements and techniques, the Beginner develops confidence in how they can accomplish their progression and advance their Karate Journey.


We welcome and encourage Adult Beginners, Teens and Children to  JOIN US

Karate Advanced Skerries
Karate Advanced Skerries
Karate Advanced Skerries

Intermediate and Advanced

Students find their structure during Kihon.  The practice and mastery of Kihon is essential in developing techniques of greater complexity in advanced training.


SEDAI students reaching intermediate and advanced levels will typically already have a good understanding of the Kihon and, at this point, will have the cross skills that reinforce their practice elements and are equipped to follow a more complex syllabus.  They are ready to pursue precision of technique and form as they learn advanced kata and practice advanced kumite techniques.


Katas with their applications are feeds in parallel and at this point students will find Kihon meaning, adding timing, combinations, and strategic mindset in better understanding Kumite. Applications (Bunkai) and Kihon-Kumite is key to reinforce the essence of Kata. The Student on each level is motivated to perform advanced Kata requiring a higher level of concentration, physical and technical preparation. 


Throughout classes we emphasise and demonstrate the concept of Kata is Kumite.  This positions a student to better understand that each movement of Kata has its space and time in Kumite and offers further opportunity to explore, study and relate the application of Kata affording Students a confidence to advancing and perfecting tactics and strategies and utilise them in practice. 


As students progress, particular advanced katas and advanced kumite techniques are a feature of practice.


Additionally, alternative skills and technical challenges are utilised that a karate-ka may not develop or otherwise engage, in their practice, to compliment and assist training. Programmes of strength and conditioning, speed work, increasing flexibility, improving footwork and foot speed will form components for students at more advanced levels.


In progressing Kumite it is important that students develop an adequate ability before starting to execute advanced techniques against a fellow student during practice.   Keeping Kumite practical is important.  Making advanced techniques successful, during Kumite, is difficult unless set up properly, but when the opportunity arises, it is both challenging and exciting in endeavouring to implement them.


The atmosphere of Advanced Karate is more challenging and more focused. Advanced practice expand the students’ knowledge not only for karate , but to effectively progress their journey within themselves.  This is true whether of traditional or sport karate. 


Different branches – same tree and we approach them in a pragmatic way.


Karate Advanced

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