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Black Belt Promotion 2010

WSKF SEDAI Kyu and Dan Certification


 * While technical proficiency is a primary criteria, practise and grading also has strong emphasis on attitude, maturity, attendance and conduct *


The object of practising karate at WSKF SEDAI is to develop good character, not necessarily high rank.  In practising the syllabus and grading it places the student in range of other students at a similar level of skill and experience. Students have different levels of ability and progress at different speeds. 


Therefore, a student learns to measure progress based on their own abilities and achievements, through their own work and commitment and not comparative to others.  


While technical proficiency is the primary criteria, the grading also has strong emphases on attitude, maturity, attendance and conduct with respect to the club’s guiding principles.  Nurturing and maturing levels of knowledge, within student studies and training, is to widen the spectrum of what the entire meaning of doing and discovering that sense of What Is A Martial Art and Why.

There are 10 kyu (coloured) & 10 Dan (black) belt grades. To achieve each tier, students must accomplish the certification required and complete the grading. The test generally has three elements:





There may be additional requirements for the higher kyu belt and all are carried out under WSKF standard

Dan Grading WSKF Ireland

Examined by WSKF World Chief Instructor - Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya 9th Dan


WSKF SEDAI schedule bi-annual gradings for students positioned to grade. The Kyu (Beginner-Intermediate) grade is hosted in your own country, locally, regionally or at a national activity. These examinations are graded and assessed by authorised WSKF Senior Instructors.  A grading test is a formal event. 


Presenting for (Shodan) black belt and other grading is permitted having completed the recommended prescribed training periods in parallel with training ethic, which compliment the pathway journey, in travelling toward an authorised (Dan) certification of examination.  Other examinations may be taken at Open International Activities under the Chief Instructor WSKF, Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya 9th Dan. 


The grading rules adopted by WSKF SEDAI stipulate that all students grading Black Belt levels are conducted in the presence of Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya 9th Dan  (WSKF World Chief Instructor) and can comprise, in addition, a panel of international instructors.  All Dan grade certificates are issued and registered in Japan

Standard WSKF Syllabus  for beginners:

Syllabus from 10th Kyu (White) to 9th Kyu (orange) to 8th Kyu  (red)


Syllabus from 8th Kyu to 7th Kyu (yellow)

Syllabus from 7th Kyu to 6th Kyu (green)

Syllabus to Purple Belt (5th-4th kyu)


5th Kyu Ippon Kumite in construction

Syllabus to Brown Belt (3rd-1st kyu)


Jiyu Ippon Kumite (in construction)

Syllabus to Black Belt 



The aim of WSKF SEDAI is to promote increasing the students potential for self actualisation on every level of achievement upon its completion. The target points, encapsulation and incorporated preparations includes combining the overall profound disciplines associated directly to traditional Japanese Karate-do which include Aikido, Jujitsu, Judo, Bujutsu and Kobudo.


We have developed a separate Grading Syllabus which is presented in advance of the actual grading deadline. Students are given the opportunity to prepare fully to achieving the necessary quality standard required.  All WSKF-SEDAI students must be prepared on these partner disciplines and must take a mock pre-examination of the content syllabus required for each tier.


WSKF SEDAI Syllabus for beginner:

We encourage our students to dive deep and follow the Budo precepts on

the journey to develop as a Karate practitioner