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SEDAI was co-founded following the arrival in Ireland, from Venezuela, by Sensei Francisco Astudillo (6th Dan) and Sensei Sorcha McCorry (5th Dan).

As established instructors within WSKF both were inspired to partner and launch their own new Skerries Karate club Dojo, naming it SEDAI - Japanese for Generations.


SEDAI teaches traditional Shotokan Karate-Do which underlines the spiritual and self defence aspects of Martial Arts and SPORTS karate.


Both are highly qualified, skilled, experienced instructors and successful competitors in both traditional and sports karate and combine their extensive skills and knowledge base of exercise and health into their instruction.


Both Instructors continue to compete and both have impressive competitive careers with numerous International and National championship titles and medals

Karate Skerries


  • To promote the practice and benefits of “Karate-Do”, “Budo Principles”, “Physical and Psychological Health Fitness” throughout society.


  •  We hope for all in society to feel valued, safe and inspired to work toward a more inclusive and equitable future for all.
  • In training, we build strength in body and character; increasing confidence, physical ability and personal potential to seek flexibility and resilience, both in the dojo and in life and acquire a sense of achievement, through ones own work and commitment, in addition to wellness and mindfulness as core applied benefits.
  • To promote the inherent core principles of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and spirit, which can guide any human to create a rich and full life of endless possibilities and enable society to continually strive for excellence and support each other.
  • We hope the interlinking synthesis of “Martial Arts”, “Budo Principles” and “Physical and Psychological Health Fitness “ will become a recommended and realised support components for all society.
Karate Skerries

Collaborations -

SEDAI WSKF & Generations Fit ®


Collectively, they present a valuable approach mechanism to an effective and comprehensive training system for classes and programmes.  Both have evolved through a lifelong integration with karate, sport, health, fitness and exercise and both developed from a passion aiming  to assist in the welfare and caring of people with the belief that promoting karate, exercise, sport and healthy living in a holistic, positive and caring way provides a better balance for society.  


Offering a wide range of classes for beginners, children, adult and advanced also provides diverse afterschool karate programmes and delivers specialist instruction for Inclusive karate classes catering for all abilities.


Association Memberships & Networks -

World Shotokan Karate-do Federation -


SEDAI is a member the World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation, Japan and club branch of WSKF Ireland.

Proud to be members of the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation, SEDAI members benefit greatly from this connection. SEDAI's Japanese karate lineage is strong and as far as possible our technical standards are aligned to those of the rest of the WSKF community around the world under Chief Instructor Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya 9th Dan.



WSKF Skerries SEDAI are members of ONAKAI being the only government recognised and funded NGB for Karate in Ireland. Being a member of ONAKAI also means we are part of the World Karate Federation  which is the governing world body of karate and the only organisation recognised by the International Olympic Committee. Being affiliated to these organisations means we have an avenue to participate in the highest levels of sport karate.


In 2018, WSKF Chief Instructor Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya appointed Francisco Astudillio, Senior Instructor of WSKF Spain.  WSKF SEDAI is honoured to assist in its establishment and promotion.



The Arigatai Foundationformerly WSKF USA® is a non-profit organization founded by Sensei Francisco J. Quevedo and Sensei Andrea Quevedo-Prince, for the purpose of sponsoring and promoting the development of karate-do as a sport and as a way of life in the US.  The Arigatai Foundation is still true to its  original mission of supporting the development of Karate, but opening its doors to other organizations and worthy social causes, always in the best spirit of Bushido.

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In the true spirit of Karate Do, the WSKF teaching is open and inclusive. Students and Senseis are encouraged to train with Senseis from other associations and organisations. WSKF Sedai are open to Karateka from all styles and traditions of Karate.

WSKF Sedai 

Generations Fit®