Classes & Programmes


We teach Karate, Self Defence and Fitness.

Our spectrum of classes and programmes incorporate Karate & other Japanese Martial Arts with functional fitness and other exercise programmes enabling it to be shared with a host of users, including individuals, community groups, schools, inclusion groups and adult projects.


Programmes and Classes have been developed and adapted through the Study of Exercise and Health Fitness, grounded on the National Council of Exercise Fitness foundations of practice, at Limerick University. 

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CLASSES IN:                 Karate

                                           Self Defence

                                           Cardio Fit Karate

PROGRAMMES:          Cardio Fit Karate

                                           Fitness and Conditioning

                                           Diverse after-school programmes

                                           Inclusive karate classes - catering for all abilities

                                           Transition Year

                                           Community Groups 

CLASSES FOR:             Beginners

Adults, Teens, Children/Kids




KARATE - All Family Activity 

WSKF Sedai and Generation Fit offer the opportunity to change the way families approach exercise. Unlike some physical activities, Karate, due to its unique structure and delivery, is a perfect solution for families seeking to find a suitable pursuit where the entire family can participate together.

With no age or ability requisite family classes are a great way to enjoy learning new skills, have fun, and keep fit creating a positive dynamic between children and parents.


Fitness & Conditioning:

Incorporates circuit training using a range of activities including running, jumping, agility, core and endurance exercises to enhance and facilitate performance.

Physical benefits of exercise are clear but Core Strength and Functional Fitness is a significant benefit of Karate Fit and Fight Fit which works on body weight circuit exercises, with no external weight and is non-contact.  Body Conditioning comprising balance exercises, flexibility and pilates exercises - a significant benefit for supplementing the body with neuromuscular equilibrium and biofeedback.  Integrating these elements can also help with poor coordination/orientation issues and awareness of environment and body.