Federation Developments


Initially the embryonic World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation was set up with a small number of affiliates but, due to the reputation of Kasuya Sensei, has since its inception grown to over 90 member countries, spread throughout Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia and the Americas.

One of WSKF’s founding members and former WSKF President Sensei Takeaki Kamiyanagi, studied under the direct instruction of the founder of            Shotokan and modern karate – Gichin Funakoshi. 

Seminars and Technical Training:

The Chief Instructor of the World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation is Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya  9th Dan.  In that capacity he travels domestically and overseas, to member countries, conducting training seminars delivering support expertise preserving a consistent karate standard throughout the organisation.


Certification of technical qualifications and licences:

The organisation has established, manages and operates a system of referee, instructor, and referee qualifications for all levels of officials and judges.

Training Course systems – Trainee and Professional:

Has established a instructor training program not only emphasising technical excellence but also development of character.


Overseas Instructor Programmes - Kenshusei:

Instructors from affiliated countries are invited to train in Japan in both technique and the spirit of karate, thereby deepening cultural exchanges between each country and help mutual understanding.



The World Shotokan Karate-do Federation supports affiliates to hold national championships, supports instructors and players to attend WSKF overseas tournaments and attend the World Championships and technical seminar held in Tokyo, Japan.  It dispatches officers and referees for all levels of karate competition and international tournaments which strengthens friendship and co-operation.