- Physical & Psychological -

We know physical activity has far reaching benefits. It can help control and, reduce risks of cardiovascular and other diseases. Physical activity can strengthen bones and muscles, and improve our chances of living a longer, healthier life.  More and more we need to discover a physical activity to enjoy and keep our health in check. 


 - Practising karate and self defence compliments and improves conditioning and fitness. It involves all major muscle groups in the body improving core strength and flexibility. The best thing is, that as an individual activity, it can provide a source of fitness that is enjoyable, building at your own pace, while observing your own journey developing improvements of mind, body and spirit which can be maintained for many years -

Physical Benefits

  • A Full Workout

Practice gives a complete, total body aerobic training. When you engage in this training, strength, balance, flexibility and stamina increase proportionally to your dedication to the discipline. As martial arts involve crossing the midline of the body, it has been proven to increase proprioception and brain health.

  •   Build Strength -

Develop muscle tone through practice and with the gradual build-up of bodily strength helps you execute a wide range of critical moves.

  • Improve Your Heart Health -

When you participate, you undergo a cardiovascular workout leading to improvements in your cardiovascular health. In higher intensity training sessions this gives practitioners an improved level of fitness, which lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Faster Reflexes -

Research show bodily reflexes substantially improve. Reflexes not only become quicker as you participate in activities, but martial arts can also help develop quicker reaction times, beneficial in a range of daily, routine life activities.

  •  Increase Coordination and Flexibility-

Body stability is emphasised in the martial arts, especially since martial artists need a strong base from which to execute several popular movements. In order to perform certain martial arts tactics, like punching and kicking, increased coordination becomes tactically essential. Adding martial arts to your weekly routine will help you advance in flexibility and daily coordination.

Mental Strength

A successful practice of martial arts can help sustain mental fortitude. Some of martial arts’ most traditional precepts  - such as indomitable spirit and perseverance – underlines the importance of challenging preconceived limits. Discipline might be the biggest trait that leads to success in martial arts and in everyday life. Knowing you have a challenge ahead and developing the discipline needed to achieve - is an important life skill that will translate to many other areas within daily life.  An important element of martial arts is feeling, accepting and controlling ones own emotions.

By practicing martial arts, you will feel anger, fear, frustration and anxiety, at some point. Its how you learn the way to deal with these emotions which will help you grow mentally. This will help, in everyday life, with how you deal with others, from workplace discussions to family disagreements.

  •   Boost Your Self-Confidence -

As a martial arts student, the goals you set, the respect you give to the discipline and the positive encouragement you receive, lead to greater feelings of self-confidence in your daily life. If you aim to give your very best you experience and believe in yourself to accomplish whatever you set out to do.

  •   Improve Concentration -

Students practising martial arts discover improved concentration. Certain aspects of training, particularly in karate, require the memorisation of a series of movements. As a repetitive discipline, the martial arts help you, the practitioner, maintain mental focus.

Diverse Learning

Research documents the benefits of how martial arts can help behaviour and improve physical movement and activity in conditions such as ADHD, and Autism.

Relieve Stress

  •   Effectively Manage Stress with Martial Arts and Self Defence -

Martial arts is a strong mental element improving the mind’s focus. Its practice helps control emotions such as anger and fear. Training brings peace to the mind and body which translates into effective stress management tools. Practice dissolves stress. The awareness and control of breathing that you develop allows an escape route for stress.  We train to focus on the present task - distractions melt away into the background, helping to significantly lessen the stress accumulated throughout the day. With more physical techniques during classes students also experience a reduction in frustration, tension and anxiety.

You are refreshed and energized at  class and that new energy builds with continued practice.

  •   Develop a Positive Mood -

Exercise is renowned as a natural mood enhancer. Endorphins released during exercise boost your mood for up to four hours after training. The mood enhancing benefits of engaging in martial arts are equal to participating in intense exercise sessions.  Martial arts can also help bring on a sense of purpose. Individuals are goal-oriented and exploring that side of our human nature is an important element for happiness. The motivation that can build up for many can power you through your fitness goals, as well as your life goals.

Mental Health Well-being

Issues of mental health are becoming more apparent and our understanding of them is growing. Many issues of mental health are affirmed as being improved by keeping fit and active, martial arts add a lot of benefits.