Karate Kids Skerries

Karate practice encapsulates perfectly the resources of learning important ways to lifelong health and well-being, as well as providing other broader social benefits. Research data powerfully displays how participating in martial arts, taught through structure and educated methods, can have a profound influence on the construction of behaviour patterns, the value of martial arts, in everyday life, and its direct link to lifestyle and health across all age ranges and abilities.

Karate Kids Skerries

SEDAI (wskf) is the place you want to register your child if you are looking for development into Martial Art. Here you will find the most experienced and enthusiastic Instructors to lead your child through Karate safely and with attention.


These sessions are based on Pedagogical activities, finding an excellent balance among games, strength, conditioning, and methodological learning. Children are encouraged to incorporate discipline and respect into their everyday life, following the Budo precepts.


A special program is additionally available for children who would like to put extra time into training and boost abilities to pursue competition and higher belt levels.

The club is part of the National body in Ireland ONAKAI (Official National Amateur Karate Association of Ireland) and the Gallega Federation in Spain.


We also offer virtual classes, 1 to 1 and outdoor classes when appropriate.


Our combination of dynamic karate based programmes can Extensively fulfil a complete Core Strength and Functional Fitness system, improving cardio-respiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight with improving Flexibility, Speed, Agility, and Balance


Karate offers significant benefit for supplementing the body with neuro-muscular equilibrium and biofeedback and is accredited to improve poor co-ordination/orientation issues, awareness of environment and body


Practice emphases self-control and concentration. Attention is a key component. Kids learn to stay focused to learn and do the movements.  By its very nature student focus is reset throughout training– to get ready for what’s next.


Kids classes are fun but they are built on the importance of discipline. For a child to achieve their next belt or learn a new move it requires self discipline to practice to the best of their ability. This skill can transfer across a lifetime - not only in sport, but work, family and life


Fundamental benefits include integration, social friendship, development of mindfulness and relaxation. Karate can stimulate an integrative relationship with positive mental health and the relationship this plays in everyday life, the sports atmosphere and sporting zone


- cultivating a courteous and humble attitude -

In all areas of life, Respect is important to ensure a thoughtful and stress free interaction between people. Karate martial art etiquette is particularly important. It is a universally understood system, where correct behaviours can be followed in training alongside the importance to cultivate a courteous and humble attitude.


Karate practice focuses on self-improvement. Students work at their own pace, earning a different coloured belt when they reach a new skill level, thereby measuring progress based on their own abilities and not comparative to others. This can boost self-esteem and motivation


Courtesy is a key behaviour for success in every walk of life. In martial arts training, attitude and demonstration of courtesy, under all circumstances and conditions, is an essential requirement. A focus on courtesy is developed in children’s classes and junior grades, and maintained through and including all senior grades.


Sport studies will soon feature at secondary level. Already an increasing number of third level colleges and universities recognise karate athletes for scholarship and student elite entry places. Karate is set to showcase again as an Olympic sport thereby intensifying its popularity and practice.

Karate Kids Skerries
Karate Kids Skerries
Karate Kids Skerries
Karate Kids Skerries
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