This program is recommended for Adult-Beginner, Advance and Seniors Karate Practitioners

Karate is not intended to be used against a trained opponent but as a way to protecting yourself by using the hands and feet if assaulted by a villain or ruffian

Anko Itosu

Karate Self-Defence is optimal if you are looking for an applied self defence system if faced with an unpredictable, unsafe or violent conflict situation requiring a reasonable and proportionate force to defend oneself or another in imminent danger of physical violence.


The goal is to survive a confrontation, develop a well-balanced mind and body, remove yourself or your family from such encounter to safety. Situational awareness and clarity means, for example, that it is possible to protect yourself by defending from the attacker and getting away.

The concept of Karate applied in Self-defence has always been real-life effectiveness: simple and practical.


-Self defence training within SEDAI’s curriculum is effective for Males & Females-

Our course provides you with skills to be physically and mentally ready for potential situations. The techniques taught require certain physical and strategic abilities that you will acquire during preparation while learning to utilise and move in accordance with your own bio-mechanics and that of others


The goal is for students to practice strategic movements and techniques giving a valuable repertoire of a self-defence toolkit of skills.


Everybody has the potential to learn and gain confidence in the Art of Self-defence.

"Make adjustments according to your opponent"

Gichin Funakoshi


Self Defece Skerries
Self Defece Skerries
Self Defece Skerries

Book Now for our upcoming activity 'Ikken Hissatsu Self Defence'.

Learn how to deal with unpredictable situations.

Working on confidence and physical skills in 6 classes-course.

Open to 18 year-old and over.

Kick Off Wednesday 3rd of February 2022.

Venue: Skerries Rugby Club.

Cost: 55 euros.


Sessions Wednesday Sunday
Self Defence 6 pm OnSite 11:30 am OnSite