Activities Detail Time frame
ONAKAI Referee Course Dublin 11th February
Women in Sport Conference Dublin 12th February
ONAKAI Kata Leinster Session Dublin 18th February
Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya Seminar London 4th-6th March
Women's Day/ Self Defence Dublin 8th-12th March
St. Patrick's Day Skerries 17th March
IWKA League Ashbourne Community School 1st April
Squad Team Announcement To Participate in the ONAKAI Championship 11th April
Grading Beginner 20th April
SEDAI Lusk Launching first Class/ Fridays from 6pm 21st April
ONAKAI Kata Leinster Session Open to all registered members - Requires Booking 22nd April
SEDAI Learning/Google Classroom Launch of Pilot with Squad Members attending ONAKAI Tournament 26th April
Japan Festival Dubin TBC 29th April
ONAKAI Kumite Nationals U13 Dublin Tallaght Leisure Centre. 7th of May
WSKF Training Brown & Black Belt/Tallaght Martial Art 13t May
SEDAI Balbriggan Launching first Class/ Wednesday from 6:30 pm 17th May
SEDAI Mock Grading "Mock Grading Pass" will be mandatory to take the official grading 5th-9th June
Spain-Session Canarias/No Class during this week 27th May - 3rd June
Grading Skerries/(Beginner to Advanced) 25th June
Internal Tournament All SEDAI Student/ Skerries 13th July
ONAKAI Kata Leinster Session Dublin 15 July
Spain-Grading Valencia 29th July
Squad Team Announcement To Participate in ONAKAI Open 4th August
Summer training Skerries Beach 12th August
Summer Break Ireland&Spain 28th Aug-1st Sept
ONAKAI National Kata Park View Hotel, Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow Sept 3rd
Sensei H. Kasuya Seminar Firhouse Community Centre 15th - 17th September
Squad Team Announcement To Participate in the Irish Open 8th September
Irish Open Dublin 14th-15th October
ONAKAI Kata Leinster Session Dublin October TBC
WSKF Championship Tokyo-Japan/No Classes during this week 13th-19th November
SEDAI Mock Grading Skerries. "Mock Grading Pass" will be mandatory to take the official grading 9th Nov TBC
ONAKAI Kata Leinster Session Dublin Nov TBC
Grading Dublin. Beginner - Advanced TBC Nov 25th or Dec 2nd
Christmas Party Skerries 18th December
Christmas Break Skerries 19th Dec-5th Jan


Plan Detail Time frame
Syllabus Beginner first & second group Taikioku Shodan, Kihon, Kihon gohon kumite February-August
Syllabus Intermediate first group Heain Nida, Kihon, Kihon sanbon kumite February-August
Syllabus Intermediate & advanced second group Heain Nida, Sandan, Yondan, Godan, Tekki Shodan, Kihon, Sanbon-Ippon-Jiju kumite February-August
Kata Team Bunkai Heian Shodan & Nidan February-August
Kata Team Adults Gojushiho-Sho-Dai February-August
Kumite drills Ashi sabaki: Tsugi ashi, Yori ashi, Ayui ashi, Tai sabaki, Tai sabaki suehei February-August
Kumite drills Offensive System: Kizami-tsuki+Gyaku-tzuki, Double Gyaku-tzuky, Geri waza (Mae, Yoko, Mawashi, Ura, Ushiro, Ashi). February-August
Kumite drills Defensive System: Gono-sen, Sen nosen, Sensenosen, Tai sabaki February-August
Kumite drills Judo: Ukemi waza: Mae-Yoko-Ushiro ukemi, Zempo Kaiten. Nage-waza: Osoto-gari, Uchi-mata, Tai-otoshi, Ouchi gari, Koushi garai, Ippon Seoi nage, Sasae Tsurikomi ashi, O-Goshi, Tomoe Nagi February-August
Kumite drills Aikido: Kote gaeshi variations February-August


Squash Court, Harbour Rd, Townparks, Skerries, Co. Dublin, K34 T221 , Ireland


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