1. Save Money: Providing cost-effective options for karate training.
  2. Excel Karate Training: Encouraging regular attendance and commitment to training.

Class per week option:

  • 1 Class Per Week
  • 2 Classes Per Week
  • 3 Classes Per Week
  • 4 Classes Per Week

Expand your training horizons with SEDAI Karate Club by taking advantage of our various venues across Skerries, Balbriggan, and Lusk!

Each location offers unique opportunities and a diverse training environment to enhance your karate journey.

By training at multiple venues, you can experience different teaching styles, meet new training partners, and benefit from a wider array of classes and schedules. This flexibility ensures you never miss a session and can continuously progress toward your martial arts goals.

Embrace the full SEDAI experience by exploring all our locations, and become a well-rounded martial artist while enjoying the vibrant communities of Skerries, Balbriggan, and Lusk.

Train more, learn more, and grow more with SEDAI Karate Club!

Hourly Fee


Monthly opportunity

Unlock your full potential at SEDAI Karate Club with our exclusive monthly payment plan!

Train in more than four classes per month and enjoy a special discount that makes mastering karate more affordable than ever.

Our monthly plan is designed to give you maximum flexibility and value, ensuring you can attend all the classes you need to advance your skills, boost your fitness, and deepen your understanding of karate.

Join our community of dedicated martial artists, and take advantage of this fantastic offer to train more frequently, achieve your goals faster, and become part of the SEDAI family.

Sign up today and experience the benefits of regular, intensive training at a reduced cost!

Package Options

Package Name Regular Price Monthly Payment (Early Discount) Family Monthly Payment (Early Discount)
Starter (1x Weekly) €40 €36 €80 €72
Essential (2x Weekly) €80 €70 €160 €141
Advanced (3x Weekly) €120 €104 €240 €209
Pro (4x Weekly) €160 €138 €320 €275

Drop in Options

Package Name Regular Price Weekly Payment (Early Discount) Family Weekly Payment (Early Discount)
Starter (1x Weekly) €10 €10 €20 €18
Essential (2x Weekly) €20 €18 €40 €35
Advanced (3x Weekly) €30 €27 €60 €52
Pro (4x Weekly) €40 €36 €80 €69
Extra Training 9 16


- Monthly payments are based on a 4-week month.

- Based on our hourly fee €10.

- Family rate available for households with 2 or more family members. 

- Additional fees may apply for equipment or special events.

- Fees are subject to change based on venue rental and operational costs.

We are available to answer all of your queries - please do not hesitate.

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